Marie Antoinette

A Marie Antoinette costume portrays the French Queen Marie Antoinette, a classical celebrated icon from the eighteen century. She was renowned for her amazing regalia and costumes she adorned herself in during a period where the aristocracy over-indulged in materialism and entertainment.

She was often regarded as cold-hearted, and she was both idolized and scorned. The royal court and the wealthy appeared to have little concern for the general suffering of the people in this era, blaming the poverty-stricken for their misery while holding themselves blameless. However, her memory lives on with the Marie costume which duplicates a type of dress she adored, quite fitting for the Queen of France and wife of Louis XVI.

Over the years, the Marie Antoinette costume has remained popular and comes in different colors and sizes. This allows every girl or woman to be dressed as a queen to suit any fancy dress parties, Halloween or any other occasion appropriate for a Marie Antoinette costume and portray as she then was.

The costume can be made of the many exquisite materials, with elaborate decorative trimmings and accessories. The look is further enhanced by the wearing of one of the many types of wigs with abundant curls and decorative ribbons to compliment the whole Marie appearance.

However, the ball dress is one of the most in-demand costumes. She wore this type of dress when she attended one of the many balls held by the royal court. This type of dress was the ultimate ball gown with every imaginable intricate detail displayed in the costume. This is a spectacular Marie Antoinette costume and one that could be replicated for a significant party or important function.

The Marie Antoinette costume had to be of the height of French fashion for Marie Antoinette, displaying her importance and demand for respect that any queen of that time would warrant and expect. To be able to wear a Marie costume and feel like a queen is a unique experience as well as a lot of fun. With all of the Antoinette costumes widely available, you’ll be able to find your exact choice or design and style to suit you.

This costume comes in different lengths, the traditional floor length or the more modern Marie costume with a skimpy, short skirt. Any color and design are available to suit your preference.

Although one of her color choices of the costume was white, Marie was warned not to wear it but dared to do so anyway. That caused a certain amount of controversy, which she is said to have thought was quite amusing.

However, from all her documents, it appears she dearly wanted to help the people. And she intervened many times with her husband to do so. They particularly opposed the nobles refusal to pay taxes, which would have instrumental in salvaging the economy of France at that time.

In the end, the bloodthirst for a scapegoat was too much. First, the King was beheaded and nine months later Marie Antoinette was as well. The current opinion is that two inexperienced people, who wanted nothing but the best for the people were swept up in the tide of terror that characterized that period.


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